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Lake Orion Robotics - Team 302

Lake Orion High School, along with our many corporate sponsors and mentors, support Team 302. Students work with mentors to learn and develop skills that prepare them for the engineering and business world. Our team has two main programs: the Year 1 Program and the Varsity Program.

This year has been a historic year for 302. We set many exciting team records this year, such as being selected for our field finals at state, winning our qualifying field at worlds, and finishing as the runner up on the Einstein field! We have also won other awards at qualifying events, like the Excellence in Engineering Award, and an Entrepreneurship award. We also won the Entrepreneurship award at states. Over the summer we will be working on a few projects such as, building a t-shirt cannon, updating the new shooter on our practice robot, upgrading the competition robot, and adding vision to our robot. We hope that our summer projects will help us to have next season be as successful as the last.

Team Activities

Year 1 Program

year 1 robot picture

Students in 4 groups (electrical, fabrication, CAD, software) worked on the year 1 robot. Our goal was to defeat varsity’s robot from last year. The first year students had to use their robot to out score the varsity teams robot in a game called ping pong pandamonium. In the game, the students had to shoot ping pong balls from a small robot into a target on the wall to score points.

Varsity Program

OCCRA picture

Students work closely with mentors from industry to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and business skills that they will be able to use later in life. There are two competition seasons:

In the Community

Draco at Trunk or Treat picture

Team 302 promotes Science, Technology and Math (STEM) by participating in local school and community functions as well as at various sponsor events.

Engineering Subteams


Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The CAD team is responcible for designing the robot on the computer, before we build it.


Fabrication (FAB)

The FAB team builds the physical robot. They take the designs from the CAD team and ake them a reality.



The Electrical team designs the electrical circuits and pneumatic controls for the robot.



The Software team is responsible for programming the code that makes the robot function.


The Systems team is responsible for the Physics calculations (e.g. what motor/gear ratios are needed), Bill of Materials (BOM), weight allocations, etc.

Project Management

The Project Management team is responsible for managing the requirements, schedule and ensuring issues are communicated across subteams.

Business Subteam

The Business Subteam makes everything run. They are responsible for organizing our efforts to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in our community and partnering with sponsors (raise money and awareness with local businesses). The promotions include our website and social media channels.


Competition Subteams

Strategy & Scouting

This team is responsible for PIT scouting and match scouting. This data is used for match strategy as well as for generating pick lists for the elimination rounds of competitions.

Pit Crew

This team is responsible for maintaining the robot at competitions.

Drive Team

This team is responsible for driving the robot during the competition.


This is really everyone, but there is a group responsible for coordinating the positive cheers for our team and our alliance.