Team 302 - Lake Orion Robotics
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Our team members make sure to get involved with our three FTC teams.
Our business team won two entrepreneurship awards during the 2017 season.
Our team shows young kids the wonders of FIRST and STEM.
Our 2017 bot won second place in the world at the St Louis world championships.

Team 302 - Lake Orion Robotics Activities

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Year 1 Program

Students in 4 groups (electrical, fabrication, CAD, software) worked on the year 1 robot. Our goal was to defeat varsity’s robot from last year. The first year students had to use their robot to out score the varsity teams robot in a game called ping pong pandamonium. In the game, the students had to shoot ping pong balls from a small robot into a target on the wall to score points.

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Varsity Program

Students work closely with mentors from industry to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and business skills that they will be able to use later in life. There are two competition seasons:

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In the Community

Team 302 promotes Science, Technology and Math (STEM) by participating in local school and community functions as well as at various sponsor events.

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