2012 FIRST - Rebound Rumble

Game Format

  • Compete on a 27-54 foot field with balancing bridges in the middle
  • 2 Alliances with 3 teams each
  • Matches are 2 minutes and 15 seconds long
  • Robots earn points by scoring basketballs into their hoops
  • The higher the basket the more points the Alliance receives
  • Their a two periods: Hybrid and Teleop

Hybrid Period

  • Game begins with a 15 second Hybrid Period
  • Robots operate independent of driver inputs
  • One robot on each alliance may be controlled by a Microsoft Kinect
  • Baskets worth extra points

Teleop Period

  • Drivers control the robot
  • Additional points can be earned by balancing on center bridges

Competition Schedule/Results

  • Northville District
    • Excellence in Engineering Award
    • Quarter-Finalist
  • Kettering District
    • Team Spirit Award
    • Quarter-Finalist
  • Michigan State Championship
    • Coopertition Award Award

Team 302 Robot

Robot Design Considerations

The robot was designed to:

  • Pick up small foam basketballs off the floor
  • Shoot basketballs through the air to any of four basketball hoops on each side of the game field
  • Drive both fast and with torque using a 2 speed transmission
  • Autonomously Shoot
  • Autonomously Dump balls for other robots
  • Autonomously Shoot and then go collect more balls for the start of the Teleop Period
  • Be controlled by both a driver and a co-pilot
    • The driver drives the robot
    • The driver controls the lifting and lowering the bridge arm to tip the balance bridges
    • The co-pilot controls when the robot shoots
    • The co-pilot controls turning the elevation mechanism to pick up balls off the floor