2015 FIRST - Recycle Rush

RECYCLE RUSH is a recycling-themed game played by two Alliances of three robots each. Each Alliance competes on their respective 26 ft. by 27 ft. side of the playing field.

Game Format

The game is played with:

field layout
  • 2 Alliances with 3 teams each
  • Stacking totes on scoring platforms
  • Capping tote stacks with Recycle Containers (higher stacks earn more points)
  • Disposing of litter (pool noodles) in designated locations
  • The game is broken down into two periods: Autonomous and Teleop

Autonomous Period (15 second)

  • Robots are operated independently of their drivers
  • Robots get points for moving themselves, their yellow totes and recycling containers into the Auto Zone
Autonomous Points Table

Teleop Period (2 minute 15 second)

  • Robots are controlled by student drivers
  • Teams work together to stack as many totes on the scoring platforms as possible
  • Team score more points for capping stacks of totes with Recycle Containers with containers at greater height earning more points
Teleop Points Table

Competition Schedule/Results

  • Howell District
  • Midland District
    • Won Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen Award
  • MARC Offseason Event
    • Part of Winning Alliance
    • Won Gracious Professionalism Award
  • Bloomfield Hills All Girls Competition Offseason Event

Team 302 Robot


  • Drive
  • Intake Arms
  • Platform
  • Elevator
  • Recycle Container Arms
robot with totes

Autonomous Functionality

robot with totes
  • Files strings together commands
  • Files are loaded onto the robot using FileZilla
  • Robot is manipulated with just one line of code -- and sensor feedback -- very accurately

Semi-Autonomous Functionality

  • The elevator raises and the intake wheels start when a tote is detected in front (front banner switch)
  • The elevator lowers and the intake wheels stop when a tote is detected in the stacking position (rear banner switch)
  • The elevator's soft stops (proximaty switches at the top and bottom positions) keep the elevator in correct positions

Manual Overrides

  • Co-pilot control available to raise/lower elevator if a tote gets jammed
  • Co-pilot control control is used for scoring
  • Co-pilot control control is used for expelling totes
robot with totes

Manual Control

  • Driver control is used for navigating the robot
  • Co-pilot control is used for scoring tote stacks
  • Co-pilot control is used for Recycle Container Arms