2013 FIRST - Ultimate Ascent

Game Format

  • Compete on a flat 27-54 foot field with pyramids near the middle of the field
  • 2 Alliances with 3 teams each
  • Matches are 2 minutes and 15 seconds long
  • Collect and Score discs into their goals
  • The higher the goal, the more points the alliance receives
  • The game is broken down into two periods: Autonomous and Teleop

Autonomous Period

  • Game begins with a 15 second Autonomous Period
  • Robots operate independent of driver inputs
  • Discs scored during this period are worth extra points

Teleop Period

  • Drivers control the robot
  • Additional points can be earned by climbing the pyramids
  • The higher the robot climbs the more points it receives

Competition Schedule/Results

  • Kettering District
    • Semi-Finalist
  • Grand Blanc District
    • Judges Award (for JV Training program)